TARU stands for Taloushallinon Runkoverkko (financial interoperability backbone), and is a research and development program focusing on digitalization and automation of financial administration. TARU is a result of cooperation between Administer, Kunnan Taitoa, Tieto, Tikon, Aalto University and network of partners. TARU is a two-year project (2014-2015) sponsored by the owner companies and the Finnish funding agency for innovation Tekes.

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The goals of TARU project are:

  1. Full automation of commercial and administrative information flows throughout networks
  2. Real-time – start and end in the same instance (also for IT-processing part).
  3. Standardization of message content, interfaces and data – increasingly global (ISO20022 central).
  4. Administrative reporting obligations are collected from corporate financial systems as automatic byproducts.
  5. Strong drivers towards harmonised EU Single Market (can become real only through digitalization).

Detailed information on the project is available at TARU website.

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