RTE Readiness Index

The purpose of the RTE readiness index is the assessment of advancement of European Union countries and Switzerland in Real-Time Economy (RTE) and preparation of the RTE-advancement index of the respective countries. The study was done for Eera Oy between April and September 2014 to support the consortium of companies in the field of accounting and financial services.

In summary, the goals of the project were (1) to identify  relevant criteria for assessment of countries’ RTE advancement, (2) to develop a measurement model with metrics to measure the state of a given country with respect to the criteria, (3) to compile a ‘RTE Advancement Index’ to rank the countries with respect to their RTE capabilities, and (4) to collect qualitative information about the countries’ through interviews with local experts.

The main index of the measurement model – the RTE Readiness Index – is based on four sub-indices: potential purchasing power index, e-invoicing index, e-payment index, and infrastructure and ecosystem index. Data for the model was gathered from publicly available sources (such as Eurostat and ECB), from industry reports (such as Billentis and EESPA), and from conducting interviews with experts in each country.

Project team: Nikolay Tarasov, Kasper Eerola, Jukka Kulokoski (Aalto University)
Supervisors: Tomi Torri (Eera), Esko Penttinen (Aalto University)

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