Income register

KATRE project

KATRE started as a sister project to the “raportointikoodisto” initiative (2009-2012) which was geared towards lowering the administrative burden of SMEs related to various streams of financial reporting (financial statements, tax reports, statistics). From the start, KATRE focused on streamlining payroll-related government reporting with “palkkakoodisto”, a unified code set of payroll information, similar to the “raportointikoodisto” on the financial reporting side. Since its inception, KATRE has expanded to a nationwide initiative building an important cornerstone in the digitalisation of public services. KATRE is a joint project between the Ministry of Finance and the Finnish Tax Administration. The Ministry of Finance is in charge of the general steering of the project, while the Finnish Tax Administration is responsible for its practical implementation. The Finnish Tax Administration’s Incomes Register Unit will maintain the register and serve as the responsible authority after its deployment. KATRE will be inaugurated in 2018. KATRE will be deployed from 2019 onwards.

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